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What do we offer?

At AG Solution we offer our experience in the automation field from the  PLC layer, with its installation and wiring diagram, SCADA signs integration, communications/fieldbuses/industrial networks/operative systems to the MES layer (information systems) and connection to ERP system.

We apply this model to new plants projects – facilities extensions for technology migrations – version update and reverse engineering

Process automation

AG Solution uses a working methodology proven through our hundreds of industrial automation projects. We ensure a realiable and robust development following the quality standards of any technological platform. We provide our customers with an open source program and the corresponding documentation on each and every one of our projects.

We offer transparency, flexibility and autonomy to grant trust to our partners.  

Our quality certificate, granted by an external company based on a client satisfactory survey, speaks for itself.


We offer each client an appropriate solution for their installation, from small solutions based on PLC systems and local display panels, to large scaled solutions with DCS systems and complex client/server architecture. Our solutions are ready to interact with all systems (MES, SAP, PI…), all sorts of equipment, and all media (Ethernet, Profibus DP, Profibus PA, ProfiNet, Modbus…).


Thanks to our experience in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, AG Solution can offer solutions to different batch processes in a profitable and efficient manner. For both small systems or large installations, we integrate batch processes with sequential control systems using standard market tools.


AG Solution responds to the needs of each and every plant to easily help adapt them to new technologies. We conduct the transition to virtual technology with the VMware ESX platform, in order to separate hardware and software components. With this method, the installations and configurations can be easily transferred to new hardware with no need to reinstall or reconfigure. The hardware life cycles become a very simple task that will not alter the daily production process.


AG Solution counts on qualified professionals certified by ISACA to ensure the best cyber-security, policies and systems implementation, achieving a dynamic  and safe virtual network infrastructure.

Industrial IOT

Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) refers to the growing network of devices that can connect, communicate and transfer data. It opens a new era of opportunities in a world that is increasing the need to provide the right information to the right people at the right time.


Our in-depth knowledge of the industry process allows us to provide global solutions connecting data from very diverse systems and contextualizing the information to provide value which implies showing the user items such as the asset´s temperature and its corresponding production order and area,


Finally, we provide key information, either in production reports or in Advanced business analytic graphs, allowing to go from data to insights in minutes. Our data infrastructure solutions can integrate seamlessly with the standard data consumer tools (Microsoft Power BI, Clickview, tableau, excel, SAP HANA, TIbco…)

Data Historization

An efficient data infrastructure able to consolidate data from different sources is the core functionality for any subsequent activity. Our solutions are the best choice for data integrity in your business: from business analytics to OEE calculations.

Shop floor integration

We know where the data comes from. From PLC, DCS, databases and machinery, we are able to obtain the operational information of these devices and migrate it into the Data infrastructure of your choice. As long as your system has a cable and is transmitting data, we can always provide a solution to acquire this information.

Business Analytics with Plant Data

In the last few years, business analytic tools have improved their reporting capabilities enormously. However, there is still a breach to overcome: the smooth integration of the Operational Data (OT) in the industrial world with Business Analytics tools (IT). Nowadays, this separation between OT and IT is no longer a barrier for us, since our standard solutions allow us to make advanced business reports in just a few seconds. Thanks to our extensive understanding of the industry and its processes, we are able to go a step further with data analysis.

Big Data integration

The concept of big data encompasses the huge amount of information available in many different formats and from very different sources. The different purposes of this integration include advanced analytics, machine learning and  forecasting. Either using SAP Hana, Tableau or Spotfire, our value is to contextualize and collect the plant information available for all standard big data solutions in the market.

MES/MOM – Production Intelligence

MOM software solutions are playing an important role today among manufacturing leaders seeking to connect the automation systems of the shop floor with overall business planning and reporting software, enabling end to end visibility into operations and a much faster response rate to changing market demands .

MES-MOM Operations

With the adoption of automation in the industry, we are able to have semiautonomous plants capable of producing any product required at an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management level. Here comes the next challenge: Industries need to synchronize the physical actions in their processes (automation) with the orders coming from their ERP system, and this synchronization needs to be performed in a way that guarantees:

  • Management master data for manufacturing operations such as processes, recipes, bills-of-material and quality specifications.
  • Optimization of work orders and priorities: Managing local dispatching of production work orders to lines and machines according to available resources.
  • Production traceability: Generating Electronic Batch records (EBR) for those who need to be compliant with regulatory agencies (GMP environments), keeping and reporting the documentation of your production batches and the associated selected recipe data, actual process data and events.
  • Accurate monitoring: Improve predictability of order fulfillment by accurately monitoring ‘planned vs. actual’ production dates and production quantities.
  • Standardization of your Procedural Steps, Work Instructions & Document Management in unified workflows.

MES-MOM Performance

Presently, an increasing number of manufacturers are working to improve production output in their plants to increase the return from their capital investment in assets. Having more capital invested in the plant and machinery should reflect in an increased output of the plant that will result in better competitiveness. If available plant assets do not operate in an effective manner, adding new assets will only decrease the production efficiency in your plant. At AG Solution we have developed the MOM-MES performance concept, providing software solutions that will:

  • Collect data from your plant, as this will be the base for future actions.
  • Analyze and measure OEE and KPI, giving you the visibility you need for your plant and detecting anomalies in your process before it is too late.
  • Detect events: whether it is a planned downtime or a process step, capturing all the actions in your system for further analysis.
  • Ensure quality: capture and monitor critical quality information on the shop floor in real time, providing quality control and SPC for fast
    moving goods and automated processes, enabling rapid corrective actions.
  • Visualize all the analyses from above, and share them across your enterprise.