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At AG Solution we provide an around the clock service throughout the whole development of your project. We are here to help from the research and design of the objectives and necessities right through to the whole management of the project and its 24/7 maintenance.

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A 360º service

From the PLC layer to the MES layer, the offer of AG Solution covers the whole lifecycle of your automation system.

Project management is without doubt the most important factor nowadays in ensuring that your project is successful. We will coordinate the entirety of the project, monitoring and interacting with all of the related parties.

  • Management of costs and budgets
  • Technical coordination of the professionals involved in the project
  • Oversight of the following tasks: functional specification under the chosen automation platform, listing of materials, listing of signals, dimensional drawings, wiring and control diagrams, data sheets, design and implementation, tests (electrical tests, FAT and SAT functional tests), operation manuals, maintenance manuals.

Planning an automation project?

We can help you right from the very beginning, analysing and documenting the technical and economical feasibility of your project before specifying the equipment, processes and installations you need.

Analysis and design: Defining expectations, technical solutions and volume of investment

  • Analysis of needs and objectives.
  • Help defining the magnitudes of each installation and the best technical solution.
  • Preparation of basic layouts, process and operating charts, people and material flows.
  • Determining key interfaces between new equipment and existing infrastructures.
  • Analysis of the financial investment.
  • Preparation of a master plan including layouts, scope, costs, technical level, qualities and costs.

Detailed engineering: specification of the equipment, processes and installations

  • Development of detailed engineering and equipment specifications according to the client’s needs and expectations.
  • Preparation of technical specifications of equipment and software to request comparable offers (RfQ).
  • Help selecting suppliers.
  • Comparison and advice awarding the contract.

Thanks to our team, specialized in multiple fields, such as process engineering, electricity and instrumentation, control applications (PLC, SCADA, DCS), network industries and operative systems, MES systems, etc., we can apply our business models and expertise from the lowest levels (PLC, peripheries, etc.) to the highest levels where the bits are processed in chart value.
We offer integral global solutions from a “Bottom – Up” approach. 
Our turnkey projects usually include:

  • Project study
  • Project management
  • Project development
  • Tests
  • Start-up
  • On-site assistance
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance

We study the different control systems within the plant according to the different automation layers (PLC/SCADA/MES), the IT infrastructure (computer equipment, operating system, application system, social networks) and the defined requirements between yourself and us.

For each plant, we have presented:

A current report and risk analysis, a detailed vision of the organization with the different control systems (structure, maintenance, programming, internal know-how of the plant, etc.)
Evaluation of various system solutions: Details of the technical advantages and disadvantages – conditions (economical, timings, training)
Designing and conducting of the plan of action for the considered solution.

AG Solution carries out industrial automation maintenance tasks: With the objective of ensuring the correct functioning of your system, we provide different maintenance services for the optimal performance of your plant.

  • Preventative maintenance 
    Corrective maintenance: motivated by the demand of our customers, we offer the SLA service around the clock. This provides the availability of a contactable engineer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Progressive or planned maintenance: 
    For the purpose of gradually advancing within the pursuit of the ´zero faults´ target for an industrial plant.

At AG Solution we provide our customers with a wide range of training in our areas of expertise. We are regularly examined and are under constant review in order to certify our knowledge in different fields.

With an in-depth level of knowledge and ongoing inspections in obtaining the pertinent certificates (Siemens PCS7, Wonderware, OSISoft, etc.), AG Solution offers different courses to satisfy its clients’ requirements.

We offer a methodology focused on the end user to adopt the installed system to handle the tool without always having the support of an external company.


  • We believe that the success of this implementation is the involvement and participation of the users.

  • We will do the adoption of users, users will adopt the system.

  • User Satisfaction = Quality.


  • Before starting the Project: We will organize a session (face-to-face or remotely) to highlight the improvements and benefits that the system will bring according to the different departments (production, engineering, quality, etc.).

  • During the development of the Project: We will optimize the commitment of the employees – to increase the knowledge of the technology.

  • Upon completion of the Project: Training and documentation in the agreed language (8 native languages ​​spoken at AG Solution).

  • After the Project: Continuous support and training for new employees, new opportunities, needs, etc.

Some examples of courses we offer on the following modules

PCS7 Tool

  • Basic Simatic PCS7 courses
  • Advanced Simatic PCS7 courses
  • PCS7 maintenance and diagnostics courses


  • Basic PI system structure: Data within the PI system/PI Clients (ProcessBook; DataLinK)
  • Advanced Level: Architecture of the PI System/Creation of PI Tags/Maintenance/Support/Security and Configuration of the PI System/PI Interfaces.