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Our areas of expertise

Our ongoing experience, discrete manufacturing and batch production has allowed us to adapt ourselves to various areas, conditions and environments, as well as to offer our services to multiple specific sectors.


Our work procedures are based on the GAMP guidelines established by the FDA where the traceability and electronic signature regulations (21 CFR part 11) form a part of our everyday life.

We have expertise in working with the ISA S88 standard normative for plants with batch processing control systems, offering the software validation (in accordance with the GAMP standard) and its respective IQ/OQ qualifications.


We conduct every step, from the development of a paint production plant’s integral control system to the integration of a new reactor which produces pure carbon. AG solution provides its knowledge in programming and of the peripheries required within the chemical industry.


We take care of everything from from the preparation, extraction and refining of the raw material, to the cocoa/chocolate processes and the production of chewing gum, right through to the malting process and production of inulin and oligofructosa functional foods.

We advise our clients by offering them our knowledge in the process of production with our expertise in automation and industrial control from the PLC layer to the MES layer.


Thanks to our proximity to various ports such as Ghent, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brest, Liverpool, Montoir, Antwerp and many more, we have strategically focused on customers who are specialized in the management and storing of bulk food and agriculture. The loading and unloading of ships and the stowing and unstowing of cereal grains and vegetables are processes that we have automated, offering solutions for the automatic route management of silos.


AG Solution is an expert within the integral water cycle field, offering solutions for automation and the control of Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and Drinking Water Treatment Stations (DWTS).


AG Solution offers its expertise in solid urban waste management, developing control systems for incinerators, biomethanation plants, and composting plants.


We develop software applications in order to achieve a more fully comprehensive control of electrical energy, facilitating the monitoring of the system involved in the different installations (network analysers, energy meters, gas meters, water meters, etc.)