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Artificial Intelligence

Why AG Solution for AI?

A process needs care. Process data is typically not structured in a way which provides direct insight and can also have gaps or discrepancies. This makes modelling a matter of thinking outside the box, including process experts, physical models, statistical approaches, and case-by-case analytics to provide for a result. It is vital to partner with a company who understands your world.

AG Solution Group is that partner that understands. We are intentionally different, innovation is part of everything we do.  We are pioneers in Europe; we have been focusing on industrial data for over a decade, applying AI, ML and deep learning (DL) to industrial processes. We optimise the newest technologies and create state-of-the-art solutions optimally suiting to your situation.

Types of projects undertaken

Validation of data
Implementation of calculations
Generation of tag list
Template selection
  • What elements need to be modelled?
  • What are the KPI's & other calculations that we must provide for these elements?

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