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Artificial Intelligence

With our decades of extensive experience in industrial automation, coupled with the latest artificial intelligence (AI), we garner in-depth insights into your data (and with it, your process). This data insight allows you to improve industrial processes, motivate change, find new insights and continuously improve your quality and yield.

Together with our different data historian solutions, for example OSIsoft PI , we have a strong industrial foundation on which we build our AI solutions. Our custom Machine Learning algorithms will seamlessly integrate with your current setup. This integration and our industrial background will ensure that you will get the most out of our cooperation.

Why AG Solution for AI?

A process needs care. Process data is typically not structured in a way which provides direct insight and can have gaps or dents. This makes modelling a matter of thinking outside the box, including process expert, physical models, statistical approaches, and case-by-case analytics to provide for a result. It is vital to partner with a company who understands your world.

AG Solution Group is that partner that understands. We are intentionally different, innovation is part of everything we do.  We’re pioneers in Europe; we have been focusing on industrial data for over a decade, applying AI, ML and deep learning (DL) to industrial processes. We optimise the newest technologies and create state-of-the-art solutions that are right for you.

Types of projects undertaken

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