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Why AG Solution?

At AG Solution we offer our experience in Automation Systems, Process Control, Data Management, as well as in MES/MOM production all within specific sectors of the industry.

We are an important player in Europe in different industries such as Pharma, Food & Beverage, Green Energy, Bulk Storage, Water Treatment and Waste Treatment.

We create added value by implementing solutions to industrial companies, allowing them to achieve operational excellence. We support them in long-term partnerships, providing knowledge and experience for their automation and digitalisation needs.

People are the central keystone of our knowledge and experience driven organisation. We take care of our people in all possible aspects. With a well-developed recruitment strategy and our AG Academy, we assure the highest possible resource quality.

We invest in sustainable growth of our company, we make clear choices. We build our solutions on market leading platforms, making strategic alliances with quality vendors with a global footprint. We limit the number of platforms and industries we work in. This way, we have a huge customer and employee satisfaction. Our main KPI is customer satisfaction, we monitor this continuously.

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"Our dedication allows us to convert acquired knowledge and experience into solutions"

We offer customers a broad experience and high quality in automation systems, process control, data management, operational intelligence, MES/MOM solutions, ICT infra & security. This in combination with our recruitment strategy, lifetime learning and local presence in Europe, we offer our partners and customers a team of the highest possible quality. 

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