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Manufacturing IT

In most manufacturing plants, corporate IT and process automation share common points. However, process automation is focused on production and corporate IT is concerned with networks’ open access. We know that what works for IT may not be what is best for process automation and production stops have a negative financial impact.

This is where Manufacturing IT comes in: it identifies the commonalities and allows us to connect technologies. Manufacturing IT gathers, coordinates and aligns different teams - purchasing, corporate IT, process automation, field services, network architects, project management, even third-party vendors - to ensure correct standards are followed across the board and all relevant documentation is handled correctly.

We treat all ICT related aspects, making the difference with virtualisation segmentation and security.

Virtualisation makes it possible for us to launch software on virtual resources while reducing hardware infrastructure investment. Thus, we help streamline IT infrastructure without creating administration and production networks.

Virtualisation of critical systems ensures:

  • Zero downtime backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Optimal control of resources

Why AG Solution for MIT

Connectivity is a must in today’s manufacturing plants and ensuring smooth and cohesive alignment between OT and IT is not always the reality. Choosing a partner who can create synergies between different disciplines, multi-cultures and cross-market in order to bring added-value is essential.

AG Solution Group is that partner. We are intentionally different because we adapt to and integrate in your organisation – large multi-site customers and smaller companies who cannot justify full-time resources - facilitating continuous development and improvement. Our in-house expertise allows us to cover ISA-95 Layer 2 / Layer 3 and to connect to Layer 4 (ERP).

We interact with:

  • The project board
  • Architects
  • The governance team
  • Project management
  • The SLA team
  • The local IT service
  • Third-party vendors
  • Business contact
  • IT purchasing

Types of projects undertaken

Validation of data
Implementation of calculations
Generation of tag list
Template selection
  • What elements need to be modelled?
  • What are the KPI's & other calculations that we must provide for these elements?

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