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Manufacturing IT

Why AG Solution for MIT

Connectivity is a must in today’s manufacturing plants and ensuring smooth and cohesive alignment between OT and IT is not always the reality. Choosing a partner who can create synergies between different disciplines, multi-cultures and cross-market in order to bring added-value is essential.

AG Solution Group is that partner. We are intentionally different because we adapt to and integrate in your organisation – large multi-site customers and smaller companies who cannot justify full-time resources - facilitating continuous development and improvement. Our in-house expertise allows us to cover ISA-95 Layer 2 / Layer 3 and to connect to Layer 4 (ERP).

We interact with:

  • The project board
  • Architects
  • The governance team
  • Project management
  • The SLA team
  • The local IT service
  • Third-party vendors
  • Business contact
  • IT purchasing

Types of projects undertaken

Validation of data
Implementation of calculations
Generation of tag list
Template selection
  • What elements need to be modelled?
  • What are the KPI's & other calculations that we must provide for these elements?

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