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Process Automation

Today’s automation empowers productivity and performance. With our deep understanding of our customer’s business needs, coupled with extensive process automation experience, we deliver intelligent automation even in the most critical situations.

Doing so much more than simply implementing market-leading platforms – we deliver real solutions.

We have the knowledge, experience and agility to help you. Whether you want to invest in new automation technology plant-wide or to plan automation upgrade programmes across multiple sites. Our recommendations are based on an in-depth understanding of your challenges, and we formulate them to mesh perfectly with your existing infrastructure.

  • Are you dependent on a single company who works on your system with little or no transparency?
  • Do you find automation process modifications difficult and expensive?
  • Is your documentation out of date or missing information?
  • Do you lack an automation standard?
  • Do you incur costly delays during shutdowns?
  • Can you access your control systems remotely?

Why AG Solution for Automation

Process automation is a long-term capital investment. Get it wrong, and downtime will cost you even more. It’s crucial to work with a partner who understands the shop floor and automation, who has years of deep knowledge and experience and the certifications to prove it.

AG Solution Group is that partner. We are intentionally different because we are so much more than just installers of platforms – we create intelligent solutions. We understand your process needs as well as your business needs. Our dedicated team of experts integrate into your business – from the shop floor to management - to establish long-term partnerships to build a clear path to Industry 4.0.


Master plan consulting service

Looking to define your future automation investments with a detailed implementation plan backed by a rigorous business case? AG Solution Group can help. Rapid advancements in automation technology support significant improvements in plant performance. Our deep industry understanding, our process automation expertise and our proven global track record, help you take advantage of this technology and maximise your long-term return on investment.

Pre engineering

Defining a project’s scope in detail is key. With our thorough understanding of industry and of process automation, we turn this into an easy task. We carry out technical and functional feasibility studies as well as review your automation configuration’s architecture, standards and compliance. Furthermore, we can include your Layer 2 control systems in a value stream mapping exercise. All these factors play a role in AG Solution Group creating the right solution for you.


A thorough investigation by our expert consultants looks at your hardware and software, your infrastructure and even your library of documentation and your back-up systems. By detecting risks and defining where critical points of failure might occur, we work with you to mitigate those risks and their impact.  

Automation library

It’s important to do your Automation projects with the same concept and philosophy. An important part of this is the creation of an Automation Library which contains the different types of equipment you use in your plants (e.g. motors, valves, digital signals, analogue signals, …). We create this library together with you. We document and maintain it, and we train and support your people in using this library in your automation projects.

Turnkey project execution

We are experts in process automation, so you can confidently work with us on design, supply and installation of your entire automation project from start to finish – from software development, all the way to SAT, FAT and IOQ. Moreover, our training ensures you are ready to “turn the key” and go and we are always available to support you during on-going operations and for scheduled maintenance.

Data integrity

Robust data integrity is vital, and we are here to help your data work hard for you. Data integrity ensures valid and accurate data can be recovered, searched and traced. But data connectivity with shop floor equipment, including HMI, sensors and end devices, should be a top priority. SCADA systems and PLCs are crucial and ensure data integrity mitigates downtime.

Types of projects undertaken


Upgrade and migration

Expansion / process modification

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