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Manufacturing Execution Systems

You are under constant pressure to improve quality, to reduce cost and to increase productivity. Can you optimise manufacturing if you do not know what you really need to optimise? Do you know:

  • What orders are being worked on in real-time?
  • Who is working on each order and where?
  • The quality of that order in real-time?
  • The status of those orders in real-time?
  • How long it takes to process a specific order?
  • If you are on schedule in real-time?
  • The availability of your assets?

Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management (MES / MOM) gives answers to all of these questions and AG Solution Group can help you to choose and install the right tools supporting the execution and management of your production site. Our process knowledge and industry experience ensure MES / MOM gives you visibility of the shop floor in real time and the ability to seamlessly consolidate all your manufacturing process data into one single point of access in the Cloud. You can easily and continuously improve:

  • Process capability visibility
  • Throughput yield
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Process traceability

We start with a Value Stream Mapping exercise based on ISA 95 uncovering your current state in terms of your product and information flow including all operations, activities, technologies and communications involved. With this analysis we plan a future state, eliminating the gaps we found.

We then support you throughout implementation, during the sizing and purchasing of IT components, configuration and adaptation, and finally functional testing and go-live.

Why AG Solution for MES/MOM

To get under the skin of a business in order to appreciate the synergies between systems completely, it is crucial to work with a partner who understands manufacturing, who has years of knowledge and experience, and the certifications to prove it.

AG Solution Group is that partner. We are intentionally different because we combine deep industrial knowledge with a complete IT solution. We look at all ISA95 layers: from the ERP to the shop floor so we can define and design a strategy that is right for you and for your business, even if this implies the creation of customized functionalities.

Our team of experts guides you through the end-to-end process thanks to a clear roadmap.

Who benefits from MES/MOM?

Top management:

  • Global overview of production data multi-sites
  • Clear reasons on deviations

Plant managers:

  • Optimisation of production lines
  • Decreased production time
  • Increased supply chain response
  • Quality and resource KPIs
  • Delivery reliability
  • Decreased reporting effort
  • Improved process decision time
  • Statistical improvement motivation

Production manager

  • Multi department management
  • Global overview in real time
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Avoidance of unexpected shutdowns
  • True plant and line comparisons

Quality responsible

  • Automatic and paperless work instruction
  • Real-time alarms and alerts
  • Process traceability and batch genealogy
  • Reporting by exception
  • Customer complaint management
  • Root cause analyses
  • Gap detection for process needs


  • Failure prediction
  • Predictive optimized maintenance
  • Performance based maintenance plan (vs. time based)


  • Merger of quality steps with work instructions (SOP)
  • Ability to report events
  • Access to real-time information
  • Real-time alert notification

Types of projects undertaken

Validation of data
Implementation of calculations
Generation of tag list
Template selection
  • What elements need to be modelled?
  • What are the KPI's & other calculations that we must provide for these elements?

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