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Operational Intelligence

Your processes and production lines generate a lot of data, but it will not be of any added value if you do not know how to access, collect or to structure it. Where should you begin?  AG Solution can help. Through the power of operational intelligence, we make your raw data work harder for you in real-time. By contextualising it into useable information, you get analytic results that deliver practical insights. You make better business decisions, have better operational visibility, get faster reporting and improved product traceability.

We combine our process knowledge and industry experience with our Operational Intelligence expertise to help you to:

  • Align data governance
  • Standardise data across multiple sites
  • Ensure you are more competitive

Our recommendations are based on an in-depth understanding of your challenges. We start small – one line, one process. The value will be immediately obvious. The ultimate goal? Bringing all your assets into one data infrastructure so you can quickly and easily extract information on:

  • Safety and security
  • Energy and water utilisation
  • Process efficiency
  • Asset health
  • Quality
  • Regulatory performance

Why AG Solution for Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence is critical to facilitate better business decisions in real-time. By getting the full picture of your processes, you can act fast on analytic insights. It is crucial to work with a partner who understands the shop floor, who has years of experience and deep knowledge, and the certifications to prove it.

AG Solution is that partner. We are intentionally different because turning your raw data into actionable data is what we do. Process and manufacturing insight are crucial to develop Operational Intelligence initiatives successfully. Manufacturing data should not be considered as just another collection of records on an IT system.

Our deep expertise in manufacturing processes means that we understand this and so we treat and deliver manufacturing data into actionable information in order to drive decisions in an easy and reliable way. This is the first step for a continuous improvement culture.

Our dedicated team of experts integrate into your business to establish long-term partnerships and to create intelligent solutions that work for you.

Who can benefit from OI?

Process engineer

  • Analyse behaviour
  • Monitor equipment performance
  • Material characteristics


  • Review KPIs
  • Establish regulatory initiatives
  • See multiple sites


  • Analyse process behaviour
  • Monitor equipment performance
  • Bridge DCS gaps

Quality Assurance

  • Review batch report by exception
  • Analyse batch quality
  • Verify room conditions


  • Real-time site view
  • Collect run-time data
  • Predict service needs


  • Process scale up / down
  • New product development

MS&T and PAT teams

  • Model building
  • Predictive analytics
  • Review batch report

Types of projects undertaken

Validation of data
Implementation of calculations
Generation of tag list
Template selection
  • What elements need to be modelled?
  • What are the KPI's & other calculations that we must provide for these elements?

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