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We are the Industry 4.0 strategic partner for many multinational production companies

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Through the use of EMS, we can ensure that our customers need less energy and less water to produce the same

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We believe in lifelong learning, expert knowledge and personal development

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Discover our centers of expertise

Our 6 centers of expertise are well coordinated with each other to bring as much value as possible to our solutions.

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Digitalization is the key to modernize processes in the industrial sector as well as the pharmaceutical sector. The pharmaceutical sector requires that the security and integrity of the data generated are secured in all production phases. Improving efficiency and optimizing productivity through intelligent and scalable solutions (advanced process automation, Big Data analytics, MES/MOM, AI ...) allows ensuring compliance with regulations, eliminating errors and needless waste of paper, reducing costs and multiplying benefits.

At AG Solution we have extensive experience in digitalization and automation of industrial processes in the pharmaceutical environment and we put it at your disposal to implement successful solutions for your company.

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Roadmap to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0. can be summarised asan industry that integrates the IT and OT worlds without the use of paper. AG Solution is the ideal partner to achieve this goal througha strategy, "the Stairway to heaven".

This strategy helps our clients to clear the path  towards Industry 4.0, obtaining results in the short term and maintaining them in the long term. The strategy has 3 fundamental steps:

  • Capturing harmonizing and contextualizing data.
  • Analysis of the data, allowing real-time visualisation of the data and case studies.
  • Predictive and prescriptive analysis, allowing companies to anticipate and prescribe.

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