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With the increasing global awareness of the impact of production activities on the environment, companies are shifting the use of materials to more sustainable options in order to fulfil the demand of an increasing number of consumers willing to lower their impact on nature.

Following a global initiative, a leading multinational company initiated their transition to new MOM and ERP systems.
Considering AG Solution’s expertise in MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) and having a vast experience in other plants of this multinational, we delegated a team of 2 for this Brazilian project.


a leading multinational company


chart the ‘as is’ state of their process flows.

Success case

  • AG Solution successfully identified more than 90 processes and 3500 activities
  • Minimize the risks of a system’s transition
  • Highlight many aspects in the operational processes

The AG Solution team worked as a perfect tandem. Martijn was the facilitator, interviewing people and in the meantime creating the flow of processes’ activities. Nathalia was the documentor, taking notes in order to get as much information as possible and helping out with the language issues.

Testimonial from Nathalia & Martijn, engineers @ AG Solution:

“This project was a very interesting experience. Besides all the differences regarding Brazilian governmental structure and Brazilian culture, we also had the language as a major challenge. Surprisingly the communication between them and Martijn improved day by day. Even though I was here to help and translate when necessary, the improvement in this intercultural communication environment was fantastic. In the end, everybody started to understand each other perfectly, even not being fluent in the other language. Summarizing, such a great experience these past weeks. We are very happy about it. Regardless the challenges, languages barriers, different culture, everything worked well. Martijn and I got along with everybody here. We left a good mark for AG Solution in Brazil.”