Ecoparc III, Barcelona

Development of a new library and the application of PSC7 within the biomethanation plant.

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Turnkey software project for its biomethanization plant

Ecoparc in Barcelona is an environmental facility dedicated to comprehensive treatment of solid waste in the metropolitan Barcelona area.

Ecoparc makes use of organic and undifferentiated municipal solid waste (brown and grey containers) through diverse treatments such as selection of recyclable materials, composting and methanization to generate electricity.

After analyzing the concerns of Ecoparc III and their desire to be owner of the Siemens PCS7 source code of their biomethanation plant application, AG Solution offered its expertise to develop from scratch the new library, using the Siemens platform.

What feedback do you have from AG Solution?

Francisco López (Ecoparc Maintenance Manager): ‘AG Solution did an excellent job from when they first set foot on our floor. Thanks to its experience and methodology in the field of automation, AG Solution offers the assurance and trustfulness needed in such critical processes’.

Why choose AG Solution and no other engineering company?

Francisco López: ‘Basically, AG Solution differs from others by its specific knowledge of the biomethanation process, they perfectly understand our problems and questions. We both speak the same language. We feel secure having an engineering company as AG Solution that always takes an indepth look at our facilities and contributes to improving our process, constantly looking for technical solutions’.

Thanks to this first project, Ecoparc trusted in our capabilities and process knowledge to take care of various projects in the biomethanation plant such as migrating their control system to the new PCS7 version, modifying existing programs and changing the architecture of the control system (PLC / SCADA) of the plant.

What do you expect from AG Solution now?

Francisco López: ‘I trust they will continue working as they have so far. We have a 24/7 maintenance contract and so far they have always had a very good response time. These different projects have enabled us to significantly improve our plant as well for operators and shift supervisor as for, maintenance and engineering managers. We consider AG Solution as one more member of our team in our plant’.