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Liquats Vegetals produces 100% vegetable drinks using high quality ingredients and water from the Montseny Natural Park.

With an annual production of more than 160 M liters and a considerable diversity of products, it has taken the initiative to implement a MES system to optimize the management of its production.


Defining the 4.0 strategy to ensure the success of an MES system.


  • Need to automate and digitize production management.
  • Optimize internal communication to access production data in real time.
  • Correctly define the strategy to integrate multiple data sources into a MES system.

Success case

Identify current status of operations, data flows, systems and processes.

  • Define a future state to provide solutions to real needs:
    • operational relationships, workflows, auxiliary systems, and user interfaces.
  • Translate the future MES solution into a URS document, adapted to the needs and business strategy, using a consolidated methodology.

The Benefits:

  • Definition of the current operation (As-Is) of the plant and the relevant changes (To-Be).
  • Training to choose the appropriate MES technology according to the needs and business strategy.
  • Significant reduction of risk in the implementation of a MES system.