Salto del Negro, Canary Islands

Development of the centralized control system of the two biomethanation plants, located within the same environmental complex.

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Turnkey software Project: 2 Biomethanation plants

Currently Ecoparque Gran Canaria Norte is the largest waste treatment plant in Gran Canaria. Inside the 290 thousand square meters plant, about 276.999 tons of wastes are treated annually.

The new installation includes technologies that allow treatment of organic waste, such as mud and other elements with large organic content to obtain a biogas that will be later transformed in electricity and heat.

AG Solution developed the controlling systems of the two biomethanization plants located in the same environmental complex.

Due to the lack of available documentation, reverse engineering was done in one of the plants. This was a project facing some risks: AG Solution had to define and describe the functional specifications of the biomethanization process and verify the configuration of the different electrical components and their correct performance.

Furthermore, the two control systems have been unified (initially there was one control system for each biomethanization plant) so that a more robust and flexible client/server architecture could be set up. This architecture allows managing the two plants independently of the chosen workplace.

The complete control system is developed in the Siemens PCS7 DCS platform. The new library of technological blocks developed by AG over this platform has been used.

How did you find AG Solution and what was your reason for choosing this engineering Company?

Francisco Portal (Project Manager Ferrovial Services): “AG solution had good recommendations in our sector. I met the business manager Alexandre Destruel together with the technical manager. During our first meeting, we were discussing the biomethanization project in the plant of Salto del Negro. I quickly realized that AG Solution was different from other engineering companies in terms of their process and automation knowledge. I certainly knew I was working with an engineering company that was going to meet my expectations.”

And what was the result?

Francisco Portal (Project Manager Ferrovial Services): “Better than expected. AG Solution entered the core of the project wasting no time. They handled the start-up of the two plants as a general integration of the project with the different parts. I will definitely work with them in the future.”