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, a Waste-to-Energy plant located in Barcelona.

The Sant Adrià de Besòs Waste-to-Energy Plant (PVE – Planta de Valorización Energética) is a facility that carries out the process of minimising the volume of waste via an incineration process. Energy produced from this incineration is used to generate steam and electricity. The material that these processes create then receive different treatment depending on their characteristics.


Industrial control system migration. Tersa decided to migrate their 20 year old system based on Siemens S7 to a distributed control system based on Siemens  PCS7 v9.0.


  • The need for a more precise control of the processes
  • To be more agile in decision making
  • Guaranteed redundancy to ensure uninterrupted control

Success case

  • Project management, including all project processes (Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, monitoring and closing the project)
  • Hardware migration:
  • development and installation of new control cabinets
  • Clean-up and reorganization of all the signals from the field
  • Optimization of field communication, moving from ProfiBus to ProfiNet
  • Update the electrical drawings and documentation
  • Software upgrade:
  • Program the 3 flue gas cleaning lines in PCS7 V9.0with Advanced Process Library
  • Installation of new DCS architecture
  • Change from 1 to 4 screens for each operation station
  • Commissioning and training:
  • Making the plant up and running on time with all project documentation updated
  • Training the maintenance and operation personnel with a simulated infrastructure
What Tersa demands of its partners?
  • High level of execution and implementation so the downtime is limited
  • Qualified team that provided excellent service without any delay
  • Technical advice & project management
  • Initiative in the execution and the improvement of projects
According to Alex Sas, AG Solution meets all requirements.
  • AG Solution delivered the resources and solved all problems successfully, all according to the contract
  • AG Solution offered all requested services without any delay, even services that were not scheduled.
  • Extensive knowledge of PCS7 tools.
  • AG Solution controls and manages the different stages of the project in a very professional way. This excellent service gives the customer peace of mind.
  • AG Solution thinks along with the customer in order to achieve excellence in the control system, the architecture, modifications to the installation, etc. AG Solution executes and follows up as if the project was their own.

Alex Sas

Head of maintenance at Tersa

“The project has been managed well in all its phases. We have felt very safe with the resources provided. The overall assessment in terms of management is very positive.”

“Knowing that we have an updated control network, easy and visual for the operator, according to the latest in the market, robust and reliable, gives us peace of mind.”